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FoodChina – An Agribusiness e-Marketplace for Greater China

On September 7, 2000, eight companies including COFCO, DaChan Greatwall Group, ContiGroup, ADM, Rabobank of the Netherlands, Lindemann, AsiaDemand and EC-Soft jointly signed the Shareholders Agreement to set up FoodChina, Inc. to combine their comparative advantages and efforts to develop Asia’s largest agribusiness e-marketplace: FoodChina.com. Subsequently FoodChina received further investments from China Tuhsu, Cargill Asia Pacific, Japan's Marubeni, Sojitz, Kyodo Shiryo and Morita-Raykay, as well as three Taiwan companies --- Uni-President, TTET and Universal Flour Mill. The company now has sixteen shareholders with a total investment of US$8.8 million.


As a leading E-Commerce and professional service provider based in Greater China, FoodChina.com strives to serve the agribusiness communities worldwide, with increasingly improved efficiency and effectiveness. FoodChina now has operations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chang Sha and Taiwan, conducting its business in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and Japanese. FoodChina.com has won numerous awards from government ministries and industry associations for its excellent services. It is the only agribusiness e-marketplace in the region that actually handles real-time online transactions. Its total sales volume in 200X has exceeded US$XX million, solidifying its leading position in the industry.


Under the leadership of FoodChina's Board Chairman, Mr. Frank G. Ning, (also President of COFCO), and FoodChina's CEO, Mr. Mark HAN (also President of DaChan Greatwall Group), Foodchina has already built up a strong management and professional team for business operations and market development.


Through innovatively utilizing its IT-platforms, FoodChina will continue to mobilize its shareholders’ resources, gain support from leading agribusiness companies, obtain further government endorsement, expand its E-Commerce business models, in order to most effectively serve the agribusiness communities in and outside of Greater China.


Our Business Philosophy is to utilize Business Service Provider (BSP) to innovate E-Commerce business model


FoodChina.com is a B2B e-marketplace based in Greater China with a view to serve the agribusiness communities worldwide. FoodChina.com provides not only an electronic platform for online transactions, but also the BSP business model (Business Service Provider) for the agricultural supply chain. FoodChina.com is quite like a ship navigating in the ocean, people only see the hull and mast from the sea horizon, similar to the simple online transactions appearing to all customers; but the giant ship cabin with full products under the sea is really reflecting our total services specially designed to satisfy all kinds of customers in the agricultural supply chain.


Under the BSP business model, FoodChina.com performs as a service provider to provide real- time services for buyers and sellers at online transactions. These services include market information, technology counseling, material flow support, cash flow and insurance, business management platforms and policy counseling from the government and other associations. Thus, FoodChina.com becomes an Integrated Supply-Chain Manager who has gained supports both from satisfied customers and suppliers through our total services. From now on, we are getting into the global market with a very smooth and fast speed.




Founded in 1949, COFCO is a leading grain, oils and foodstuffs import and export group in China and one of its largest food manufacturers. The company is also very successful in real estate, hotel business and financial services. Fortune magazine lists it as one of the world's top 500 enterprises.

DaChan Greatwall Group

DaChan Greatwall Group, founded in Taiwan in 1958, is the largest agribusiness and animal husbandry company in Taiwan, and is also one of the top two food processing companies in Taiwan and one of the top three meat production companies in mainland China. The Group has direct investments in mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, with over twenty operations in mainland China. In mainland China, Taiwan and other Asian markets, DaChan Greatwall Group is one of the leaders in food service, flour milling, animal feed, meat production and edible oils.

Rabobank International

Rabobank International of the Netherlands has grown from a group of agrarian cooperatives in the late nineteenth century. In 1972, Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Bank of Utrecht and Cooperatieve Centrale Boerenleenabank of Eindhoven merged and became Rabobank International.


Nowadays Rabobank International is one of the forty largest banks in the world with total assets of 480 billion Dutch guilder and has the largest market share in the Netherlands. With over 2,000 branches, Rabobank boasts the most extensive network in the country. Moreover, it is one of the few banks in the world that have received AAA ratings from the three most authoritative rating agencies in the world.

Continental Grain Company

Continental Grain Company is dedicated to working with its existing agricultural businesses pursuing strategic opportunities in protein-based businesses while taking advantage of new investment opportunities.


Established in 1813 as a grain trading firm based in Arlon, Belgium, Continental Grain Company grew to become one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Through its diversified operations and investment activities, Continental Grain Company builds long-term value in partnership with exceptional management teams. The Company's goal is to attain financial success in ways that reflect favorably upon its employees and business partners. With a rich entrepreneurial legacy and significant permanent capital, Continental Grain Company continues to seek new global growth opportunities across multiple industries through its investment group, Arlon.

Archer Daniels Midland

As the world's population grows, so does demand for quality foods, feed ingredients for livestock, alternative fuels, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemicals. As one of the world's leading agricultural processors, ADM plays a pivotal role in meeting all of these needs. We produce the food ingredients, animal feeds and feed ingredients, biofuels and other products that manufacturers around the world use to provide wholesome food and a better life to millions of people around the globe.


Cargill is an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services with 85,000 employees in 60 countries. The company provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications, and health and nutrition.


Cargill set up a presence in Singapore in 1974 and has been trading to and from Asia for more than 50 years. Singapore has become the administrative and trading headquarters for the company's Asia Pacific operations which employ more than 13,000 people in 14 countries. It's businesses include the trade and distribution of grains, oilseeds, protein, vegetable oils, financial and ferrous products to customers throughout the world.

EC-Soft, Inc.

EC-Soft, Inc. is a California incorporated global e-commerce software company, with an R&D team in Silicon Valley, and a fully- owned software factory in Beijing, China.


AsiaDemand is headquartered in Los Angeles, and has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Its major shareholder is PeQuot Capital, one of the leading venture capitalists in the high-tech sector.


Lindemann is a private investment company. Lindemann focuses on investments in Asian companies in the process of transformation and restructuring, and has accumulated rich experience in the Asian capital market.

Uni-President Enterprise Corp.

On July 1, 1967, Uni-President was founded in Taiwan's ancient city of Tainan. Continuously for many years, Uni-President adheres to its management principles of "Best Quality, Highest Credibility, and Best Service at a Reasonable Price", "Integrity, Diligence and Improvement through Innovation" and the concept of "Uni-President, Do it Together" to encourage expertise and development to become the largest food kingdom in Taiwan.


Managing under the blueprint of "Every Moment for Tomorrow", Uni-President is farsighted. In addition to multi-processing raw materials and ingredients to upgrade our products with added value, Uni-President always explores new business. Under the strategy of High Growth and Internationalization, we seek cooperation with prestigious foreign corporations to absorb new concepts and skills in the company's development from a local firm to an international conglomerate, including markets in North America, China and Southeast Asia. Uni-President currently owns more than 20 business divisions and invests in more than 150 affiliated companies with businesses ranging form foodstuff, consumption goods, distribution, fast food, construction, electronics, finance, leisure and entertainment within and outside of Taiwan.

Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation ( http://www.sojitz.com ) is a comprehensive enterprise with 8 branches and 210 subsidiaries in Japan and 64 branches and 420 subsidiaries in the other countries.


Its business scope encompasses foods, materials, textiles, machineries, aerospace, energy, mineral resources, chemistry, plastics, real estate, forest products and new businesses. Guided by the keywords "safety" and "reliability," Sojitz Foods Group has strategically enhanced operations that encompass upstream and downstream activities. It handles raw materials, manufacture or trade of wheat, rice, flour, sugar, soy, rapeseed, maize, milk products, processed foods, canned fruits, frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, feeds, beverages and baked foods.


Sojitz has branches in cities across China, e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Harbin, Dalian, Qingdao, Chongqing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Kunming. Its China business covers raw materials (rice, soy, maize, soymeal, tomato paste, and etc.), meat products (e.g. beef, pork, chicken and sausage) and other products, such as aquatic products, apple juice, processed vegetables, canned fruits, processed aquatic products, instant frozen foods and pet foods.


FEED ONE main business includes production and sale of mixed feeds, procurement, sale, production and processing of animal and fishery feeds, etc. Other businesses ancillary to the above are farm-management consulting, management of veterinary examination and treatment facilities, etc..

TTET Union Corporation

TTET Union Corporation , headquartered in southern Taiwan , is the largest soybean crusher in Taiwan . With annual crushing capacity of 1.5 million tons , TTET has been listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 1996(symbol:1232) and recognized as a blue chip at all time . Over its 20-year history , TTET has proven it embraces change , and has seized opportunities to transform its business .Incorporated by Uni-President Enterprises Corp., Taihwa Oil Industries Co., Ltd., DaChan Greatwall Group and Mutsubishi Corporation, TTET and its shareholders cover the entire spectrum of domestic food processing and feed industries.

Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation was found I at May 1858. As a large and comprehensive enterprise in Japan, Marubeni Corporation has 53 overseas branches & offices and 18 overseas corporate subsidiaries with 61 offices for a total of 114 offices in 69 countries/areas.


Marubeni is involved in the handling of products and provision of services in a broad range of sectors. These areas encompass importing and exporting, as well as transactions in the Japanese market, related to food, textiles, materials, pulp and paper, chemicals, energy, metals and mineral resources, iron and steel products, and transportation machinery, and includes offshore trading.


The Company's activities also extend to power projects and infrastructure, plants, ships and industrial machinery, real estate development and construction, and finance, logistics and information. Additionally, Marubeni conducts business investment, development and management on a global level.

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